Dioscorea manchesteri Kvaček, sp. nov., a new fossil species from the early Miocene flora of North Bohemia (Czech Republic)
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Charles University, Faculty of Science, Albertov 6, CZ-128 43 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Online publication date: 2019-12-16
Publication date: 2019-12-16
Acta Palaeobotanica 2019; 59(2): 367–371
Using the morphology of fin-winged fruits and accompanying foliage, the author characterizes a new fossil species, Dioscorea manchesteri Kvaček, sp. nov. (Dioscoreaceae), recovered from early Miocene deposits of the Most Basin (North Bohemia, Czech Republic). Dioscorea manchesteri matches the extant Dioscorea polystachya Turcz. in its fruit and foliage morphology. This perennial climbing vine native to China now grows throughout East Asia (Japan, Korea, Kuril Islands, Vietnam) in warm temperate to subtropical climate. The record of Dioscorea manchesteri is the first record of this genus in the European Neogene.